Baobei Wawa

Baby dolls, do baby stroller attentively.

  • 1995

    Founded in 1995

  • 30

    300,000 cars a year

  • 18

    Sales network covering 18 provinces and cities

  • Customer service is our eternal theme, in essence, the customer not to buy the product, but buy services, customers buy our production of electric vehicles, most are used to instead of walking travel convenient transportation service for them, if we can't provide this convenient service,travel more trouble, customers won't buy our products. So we need to visit the market  often to understand the latest demands of customers. Constantly improving and innovating our products,transforming our intangible pre-sales services into tangible products that customers need. To meet customer needs.

    The company has put norm a service project for the standard service, which is the jajie time service project. jia Good service attitude, service enthusiasm initiative, language decent and generous, behavior courtesy  norm. Be patient with your client's questions and accept your after sale. Jie: it is the service formalities convenient. Simplify all kinds of unnecessary formalities, solve the sales problem in the most convenient way, avoid the layer of CARDS to annoy the customer. Time: the service pays attention to the limitation. , then don't delay, can solve the immediate and so on, can solved on time take about that day, the day can't solve immediately reflected in the after-sale service department, and inform the customer the time required, with turnover cars to customers substitute for understanding.

    Service concept and service in the  jia  jie  shi  is not limited to external clients,also includes the internal customers, employees, within the enterprise, management personnel should service for frontline staff, production staff for sales staff service, the procedure for service of next working procedure, every job can satisfy their own service object, only in this way can better serve the external customers.